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Dry Eye Complete 

Relieve Dry Itchy Eyes in 30 Days

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  • 1,344mg Omega-3, 6mg Lutein, 66mg Omega-7, 1,000IU Vitamin D3
  • Omega-7, a signaling molecule that is proven to reduce C-reactive protein a marker of inflammation and improve dry eyes
  • Triglyceride based Omega-3, giving you 70% better absorption than standard “supermarket” fish oil supplements.
  • Sourced from Alaskan, wild caught Pollock
  • Absolutely No fish Burps or Aftertaste Guaranteed!
  • Lutein is proven to reduce the risk of developing Cataracts and Macular Degeneration
  • 100% All Natural, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free. Tested & Certified Free of Contaminants by the NSF. Only the purest ingredients!
  • Consumption of Omega 3 is recommended by the American Eye Institute for vision health
  • Made in the USA, NSF Certified, Certified Sustainable Seafood
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“Most of my patients feel improvement in their dry eye symptoms using triglyceride omega-3..” Dr. Brittany McMurren, Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute - San Diego, CA

Questions and Answers

Q. How do I know that Dry Eye Complete works?

45% of dry eye patients were asymptomatic and 100% showed improvement after taking Dry Eye Complete Triglyceride Omega-3 for 30 days and using the Dry Eye Compress for 5 minutes per day in a recent study

Q. I have tried to take fish oil but I couldn't stand the 'fish burps.' How is Dry Eye Complete different?

Dry Eye Complete is in the triglyceride molecular (TG) form, - it absorbs directly through the small intestine into the blood stream - this gives it superior bio-absorption and no fish burps guaranteed!

Q. Can't I just buy fish oil at the drugstore?

In 2011 nine name brand 'drugstore' fish oils were found to contain levels of plasticizers (PCB's), a known carcinogen, that exceeded safe levels by up to 10 times according to the state of California. Also, using 'drugstore' fish oil would require 8 - 12 pills a day to achieve the 1,620mg of absorbed Omega-3 needed to treat Dry Eye Syndrome.

Q. Is it true that some fish oils are an alcohol?

Yes, if your bottle of fish oil doesn't say 'Triglyceride' form, it's an ethyl ester (EE) alcohol - which can only be absorbed through the liver. Due to this inefficient absorbption EE fish oil lose 60% of its potency in digestion and causes the 'fish burp.'

Q. How do I know Dry Eye Complete doesn't contain contaminants?

Our products are independently tested and certified free of contaminants by lot.

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Dry Eye Complete

Price: $38.95


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Dry Eye Complete

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Dry Eye Complete

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